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“Hello Tom, now that our 10th year of Gobblefest has closed and our review competed I wanted to send a thank you to your team at Magic Flight for their outstanding work. Specifically we need to thank Patty Pauls for the rebranded turkey, Taggert Rose followed up with the new images to produce an excellent t-shirt for our event and Kim Walters utilized the same branding image for our social media and poster designs. Your team, including yourself, proved to be a game changer for our annual charity events of providing music for food to support local food banks. We exceeded all expectations and look forward to working with Magic Flight once again in 2020.  Please post our logo and shirt designs to your web site.”

– Michael Wright, Gobblefest Coordinator

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At Magic Flight Brand we design, build and manage brand identity for emerging brands. We are a collection of strategists, designers, writers and project managers. We provide a seamless integration of brand design, functionality and relevance. Magic Flight Brand began in 1994 as a small department of the management consulting company Thomas Center. With the growth of the company the department eventually grew into its own division and brand. Magic Flight Brand began co-building brands with clients in 2011.

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